Friday, March 25, 2022



My Blog posting has been less often, lately. It happens in a subtle way. Like with many things, we begin strong, like a wind-up toy. Then, gradually, we begin to slow down... If we are not careful, and intentional, we will eventually stop. Whatever it may be. Our best intentions become buried under a stack of daily duties that ultimately steal our joy and our effectiveness.

The Christian heart is FILLED with good intentions. After all, isn’t that what the Holy Spirit is doing…filling us with the fruits of the spirit, so we bear MUCH fruit. It is God’s desire to see us bearing fruit and living fruitful lives. It is God’s dream for us to live a life filled with faith risks and adventure. 

A life lived on purpose, even within the most mundane tasks.

So why do we slowly loose our motivation and find ourselves standing still, rather than moving forward? It can be for a number of reason, really. One of the most common is distraction. We easily find ourselves moving constantly through our days, but like walking on a treadmill, we are caught in the day to day responsibilities so much we have no time left for the one or two things we feel most called to do. I have often heard the statement, we are doing too many things, and nothing well. There is much truth to this. What if we think about it this way..We are doing too many things, and nothing toward reaching the desires God has placed on our hearts.

One thing is certain, the treadmill of demands for our time will not stop on its own. We must be intentional about the way we are spending our hours. The first step is taking inventory of our use of time, then compare this to what we feel is our higher calling in life. How does it compare? Write it down. Where are the hours really going? Is this the picture of the life you feel called to live?

If not, it is ok! You are already one step closer by recognizing it.

It is time to take control of the moments making up our days, because they eventually become the moments that make up our lives. How sad, to get to the end of our lives and know we really never did that thing we felt God calling us to do. To know we spent a lifetime running a race on a treadmill that kept us in one place rather than on the adventure of Faith God had for us.

We cannot change how we have spent the hours of our past, but we can move forward with intentional decisions that will ultimately lead us to the sweet place of fulfilling our God-given destiny. And when we are living life this way, even the most mundane tasks become a little more enjoyable. ♥


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