Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Recently, while traveling alone, I noticed something wasn't quite right with my navigation system. After a few minutes, I realized I simply needed to re-center. Once I hit that magic button, all was right again. I could see my exact location, and it made navigating the unknown road so much more clear. Even though, my current situation did not change at all, I could see more clearly. 

In that moment, God whispered to my heart- Danita, it is time to re-center. 

Just like my GPS, there are times I find myself moving at a rapid pace. I am on a mission, and I get caught up in the hurry to get to the next destination. Somewhere in the midst of the process, I loose focus on the present and on the most important details of the journey. I am not sure what causes a GPS to need a re-center, it just seems to happen. Isn't life the same way? We are moving along, trying to meet every need, moving from one to-do list, one obligation to the next. We meet ourselves coming and going. We think we are on the right road, but something just doesn't feel quite right. That feeling of not quite right, is our internal GPS- also known as- the Holy Spirit. If ignored, we eventually find ourselves lost with no real sense of direction. Thankfully, God understands our tendency to loose focus. He places this guide within His children as a way of prompting us to hit the re-center button in our lives. 

We are quickly approaching one of my most favorite days. January 1st  represents the opportunity to hit the re-center button on our hearts. This is a time to ask God to help us focus back on the core values that reflect the things most important to our purpose on this earth. A new year provides a place to start fresh. It is not shameful to admit it is time to re-center. In fact, this reveals the true character within us. It is a gift. Without an occasional re-center, we spend a lifetime doing many things, but never truly living out the life God intends. We miss the peace of clear direction. We miss the joy of the journey. 

With every passing year, I am reminded how quickly we are traveling through this life. I seem to be more and more aware of the urgency to live this life well- with purpose- with intention. We exist for a much higher calling. Every encounter, every decision lead us either closer to God's best for us or further away. The good news is, we choose when it is time to re-center. God is patiently waiting. When we ask, He helps us focus our eyes on Him. He helps us see where we are and what needs to shift in order to re-center our lives back to the most important things. 

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.- Matthew 6:33