Saturday, March 27, 2021

Blooming Again 🌼

"To Everything there is a season. And a time to every purpose under Heaven."  Ecclesiastes 3:1

A walk this morning revealed the most beautiful picture. Trees beginning to bud and show signs of new life. The most stunning discovery came in the form of beautiful, fresh blooms directly over the little cross we placed at the entrance to our prayer walk. Signs of hope and new beginnings. My mind immediately went to our soon approaching Easter Sunday. This picture perfectly illustrates the gift Easter is to me. The evidence of God's power over death and pain. The proof that resurrection life belongs to each of us as believers. It also symbolizes the truth, Jesus brings beautiful life again..even following hard, wintery seasons. 

This morning, I sat and listened to a complete stranger share her story with me. A story of addiction, the loss of a child, a life left for a hopeless end. But. God. Changed. Everything. She has only been a believer for 4 months now. She has been clean and sober for 4 months. We celebrated this together. She beamed with a freshly blooming heart as she shared, "God is AMAZING!" She and I teared up as she told me how she wished she had come to know Him sooner. I reminded her..we cannot change the past, but we most definitely have the opportunity to place our lives as a pen in God's hands as He writes beauty again into our story. 

My morning conversation with this new, sweet sister shifted my mind back to my morning walk. 

Jesus alone has the power to make our hearts bloom again. πŸŒΌπŸ’›