Monday, December 24, 2018

Silent Night...Holy Night

I could not think of a better night to begin writing this blog than tonight..Christmas Eve.. Like you, I am coming off of a very busy season. Christmas preparations and noise, although special, seem to leave a soul very tired. So much busy, and not enough quiet. The kids and I took a Christmas Eve walk through the neighborhood, and I spotted the most beautiful scene of all. Tucked into a parade of beautiful homes and lights, Christmas parties and gatherings, was this simple nativity. I stopped to capture it on my camera. I think it was placed there just for me to see. A reminder of the first Christmas. The unforgettable, beautiful miracle carved out in a simple stable. The audience was an unlikely crew, yet hand picked by God to witness this extraordinary moment. No news or social media posts. No flashing cameras or videos that night. The only bright light came from a star pointing everyone to the most incredible Christmas Miracle of all.  This year, it seems I'm reminded over and over again to "be present in His presence" to be still, and know He is God. To be quiet enough to hear the Shepherd's voice in the midst of all the noise and distractions. You see, we will not miss God's voice when we make a little space for quiet. This Christmas Eve, my wish for you sweet friend, is a Silent Night..A Holy Night. A hush from worries, fears, and struggles. I pray, you find a few quiet moments-maybe after everyone is tucked in bed dreaming of tomorrow morning's surprises-to sit in His beautiful presence and enjoy the purest, truest peace of the season.💗 Merry Christmas, dear friends. 

Dear Lord, please refresh our hearts during all the last minute preparations tonight. Lead us this Christmas into moments of quiet. Refresh our hearts with your presence. Thank you for the best Christmas miracle of all. Thank you for sending us your one and only son.-Amen