Thursday, November 11, 2021

Jesus..Where Are You?

With December creeping up on us all so quickly, we ordered Chace a new toy. A simple Nativity Set. He is an extremely curious two year old boy. Like all two year olds, he listens and learns something every day. This little Nativity is sure to be a treasured piece. We learned the Christmas Story faster than I could hope. Chace played and role played..the angel..the shepherds..and certainly, the baby Jesus! One moment particularly caught my attention. He kept saying, "Baby Jesus, where are you?" 

I quickly we become absorbed in all the beauty, busy and to do lists of the most wonderful time of the year, and before we know it, we misplace Jesus. He never moves... yet, in our hustle, we rush right over Him. 

Before the Christmas season moves into full swing, may we pause to ask, "Jesus, where are you, in the midst of all our planning?" And may we keep Him..front and center.