Friday, August 25, 2023

Living Water

 A few nights ago, I arrived home after a smoldering, hot day. My beautiful, hanging plant on the back porch was shriveled and looked terrible! Sad, but determined, I immediately poured a cup of water into the pot. I seriously thought it was a lost cause. Three hours later, I glanced out the window and saw a beautiful, vibrant plant - completely revived! God spoke to my heart in that moment, "Danita, you are like this plant." We are created to need water more than anything. It is essential. Flip it to the spiritual. We are not designed to survive without the living water Jesus offered the woman sitting at the well. A daily dose is essential to a vibrant life! Spending time, daily, with Jesus  is not an item on the to-do list. We cannot survive spiritually without it. It is a daily soak that prepares us for the heat and pressure of the day. We might think we can make it without watering our souls, but eventually, we begin to look and feel like my shriveled plant. Doing whatever it takes to make time for daily, living water is essential! 

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